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Small classes focusing on attention to detail, individualize, positive & encouraging coaching with blended concepts of fitness and self defense with custom approach welcoming all ages, abilities and experiences.


Children Classes

Your child will be motivated, gain confidence and learn core values such as discipline and respect while learning actionable self-defense skills incorporated with lite kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Dutch style kickboxing
High volume combination

What is Dutch style kickboxing? Unlike American kickboxing, incorporates techniques from three martial arts: Kyokushin karate, Western boxing, and Muay Thai. Athletes schooled in the martial art of the Netherlands use Kyokushin-style kicks to the legs, head, and body to attack their opponents. Source

What is the difference between Dutch Style Kickboxing and Muay Thai kickboxing?
The most obvious difference between the two striking styles is the range of weapons. The three main weapons of the Dutch style are punches, kicks and knee strikes. Muay Thai has an expanded arsenal of weapons that also include elbow strikes and more complete variety of clinching techniques. Source


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

This class focuses on the teachings of basics including how to move and apply effective submissions on the floor. In this class, a Gi (kimono) is used to get the student to feel comfortable with positioning and all the aspects of BJJ. This art does not rely on strength, but rather on positioning and leverage. BJJ utilizes takedowns, chokes, arm-locks, leg-locks, and cranks in order to control and subdue even much bigger and stronger opponents.

In the No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class the student will learn how to apply effective chokes, arm-locks, leg-locks, and cranks, without using the traditional Gi (kimono). In other words, submission grappling is BJJ without the use of the traditional uniform. This class is essential for anybody looking to compete in No-Gi grappling and MMA.